The finished illustration has been sitting on my desktop for a while. I have so much to say about the piece yet at the same time I’m afraid of what might come out if I start writing. The meaning behind the drawing is hard to talk about, it is deeply personal and raw.  However, I … Continue reading Worth


  When I finished Lost, it became clearer to me what I'm trying to accomplish artistically. The idea for the illustration is based on the Land of Toys in the Italian novel version of Pinocchio. The story goes the Land of Toys lures children with the promise of freedom and pleasure but the dark truth is that they are … Continue reading Lost


  'Wonder' is the second illustration in the noir fairy tale series and it is a modern twist on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It goes without saying, Alice in Wonderland is an unforgettable classic that has been re-imagined and referenced countless times across different mediums (animation, film, painting, video games, comics etc.) Personally, the … Continue reading Wonder