Riding Hood Noir

I hope your 2017 is off to a good start! January has been a series of minor setbacks for me in terms of project delays. As dead pine trees litter the alleyways of a holiday season spent, it's all too easy to fall into the trappings of the winter blues. It's quiet and you know what? … Continue reading Riding Hood Noir

Into The Mind of Zhangah. (Cover Release!)

After pouring our hearts and souls into the Gale comic for many months, we now have a cover for issue one! Included with the cover release is a conversation between Seth and I where we delve deep into the artistic journey. I want to thank Seth again for the thought-provoking questions, the very kind words and for being a great person all around. I`m very lucky to have teamed up with him. Any ways, I hope you will enjoy the read and the sneak peak of the cover 🙂 If you haven`t done so already please follow us for updates on Twitter @gale_comic!

Strange Reflections

She was a mystery; someone I felt comfortable with and knew nothing about. I can’t explain it. I had just watched one of my projects slowly fizzle out, unfinished. I was considering going back to conventional writing and she found me. She had read samples of my scripts and she favored the voice behind my blog posts. I can still remember the message. . . sort of. She said something like, “If you ever want to do a noir style comic let me know”.  I remember thinking, “I have just the right idea”. That is what has led us to this point in our partnership. Angela Zhang has been a godsend. She has absolutely lived up to the etymology of her first name, which means “Messenger of God”. You can think what you will. I may actually be delusional, but I have truly told myself…

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Glennerd the Hobbit

If you were at Glenn’s birthday shindig yesterday, you would probably find yourself stuffing your face with slops of nachos and deep fried cheesecake, meeting tons of super talented artsy people, while getting roped into karaoke and then rolling on the floor with laughter. Glenn is a very close friend of mine, in fact I … Continue reading Glennerd the Hobbit