When I’m not working on projects, I’m drawing and painting the richly, detailed world of Gale. Written by Seth Greenwood, founder of 9MuseGale combines our passion for turning realistic, character driven stories into comics. The black and white series is inspired by film noir but there aren’t any real heroes or villains, just a lot of gray areas – this is the premise behind the story and art.

Gale is available to read for free on Webtoon! We’ve adapted episodes from the pages of Ch 1: The Calm and Ch 2: Storm Chaser so that you can enjoy the comic on your phone.

Look out for the conclusion of Storm Chaser on Webtoon, coming in the fall of 2019. Can’t wait? Get early access on our Patreon.

Why Patreon?

Because of our Patrons, we’re now a team of four. Carlos Campos flats the comic pages and prepares the digital files for painting. Jordan Kirian joined as the letterer for Storm Chaser.

We’ve decided to make and publish Gale independently under the label 9Muse. Patreon is a way to help indie creators like us pay our team. Our big dream is to make the Gale comic into a 9 volume book series where every panel is a painting.


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