Small World – Page 1

Update 09-10-2015: Hi guys, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I've been buried in freelance projects (which is a wonderful thing). Once the dust settles a bit, I'll be returning to Small World. Thanks for your patience 🙂 The first page of Small World is finally out! Because we love sharing behind-the-scenes stuff, Jordan agreed to include the original … Continue reading Small World – Page 1

Glennerd the Hobbit

If you were at Glenn’s birthday shindig yesterday, you would probably find yourself stuffing your face with slops of nachos and deep fried cheesecake, meeting tons of super talented artsy people, while getting roped into karaoke and then rolling on the floor with laughter. Glenn is a very close friend of mine, in fact I … Continue reading Glennerd the Hobbit


Last month when I decided to suspend my internet due to travelling, I knew it would leave me without connection for a week upon my return home. I took it as a challenge to discipline myself to work at home but I did not plan to come back to freezing temperatures in the minus 20s … Continue reading Formless