When I finished Lost, it became clearer to me what I'm trying to accomplish artistically. The idea for the illustration is based on the Land of Toys in the Italian novel version of Pinocchio. The story goes the Land of Toys lures children with the promise of freedom and pleasure but the dark truth is that they are [...]

Through Ian’s Eyes: Part V

She hasn't returned. I've lost count of the passing days. I only know that my time is structured around checking the apartment and getting out once in a while to search for scraps. I'm not proud to admit that, in the early days, I gorged on the provisions that were left open in a haste. I didn't [...]

The things we take for granted…

When the clock struck midnight and the date changed to January 15, I eagerly reactivated my internet and was almost giddy thinking about the coming nights when I can post in my pajamas. Empowered by the distraction-free experience of the last week, I was ready to roll with the luxury of researching, writing, and communicating from home. If [...]