Through Ian’s Eyes: Finale

He’s in his heaviest sleep and looks quite peaceful at last. Does his thoughts follow him into his dreams? Is he somewhere else altogether, lost in a web of memories and desires? He looks different - not sure how to put it exactly. I’m not talking about his physical appearance like when I found him … Continue reading Through Ian’s Eyes: Finale

Through Ian’s Eyes: Part VI

Parental discretion is advised.  The little sparrow died after one last violent spasm. I am elated by the adrenaline of the hunt. I had almost forgotten the surge of ecstasy that comes from calculating the fate of a tiny being as they struggle with the hope of escape. It’s the surge of knowing that you … Continue reading Through Ian’s Eyes: Part VI

Through Ian’s Eyes: Part V

She hasn't returned. I've lost count of the passing days. I only know that my time is structured around checking the apartment and getting out once in a while to search for scraps. I'm not proud to admit that, in the early days, I gorged on the provisions that were left open in a haste. I didn't … Continue reading Through Ian’s Eyes: Part V